Alcester Folk Festival 2015
Lynne Heraud and Pat Turner, Derek Gifford. Les Sullivan. Hector Gilchrist. Andy Cassereley. Chris Lowe. John Morris. Dave Boulton (half  of  His worship & the Pig)  Richard Grainger. Colin Pitts.  Martin Curtis,  Speake Lowe and Plant. Alhambra. Pete Grassby. Pete Kelly.  Gallimauphry & the Dog. Tom Perry and Clive Brooks. Thrup’nny Bits. Tony Barrett. Graham Collins. Skeptics.  Moses & the Ref. David Cheffings. Greg Harper, Tony Portlock.
19th 20th and 21st of June 2015

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Here is a current list of guests which may change.

Tickets  60.00. Concessions £50.00. Camping/ caravans £20.00 per unit for weekend
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